SLW Barrel Shootout – Ammo Data Summary

Yesterday we posted the final set of Chrono and Target data for PPU 69gr HPBT. Now we get on to the interesting side… interpreting that data and processing what it MEANS.

Through the posts about the ammo we compared two major components of the chrono data, the average velocity and the standard deviation. Here is how all of that compares in two, simple to read graphs:



The IMI 77gr and Magtech/CBC both topped the field with an impressive 2639 fps (IMI) and 2637 fps (CBC) average over 60 rounds. IMI also took home the honors with the lowest standard deviation with a low 17.17 fps Standard Deviation with the two Federal Gold Medal Match offerings a close second (17.88 fps for 77gr and 17.94 fps for 69gr respectively)

Also during the ammunition posts we showed group sizes and averages for each individual ammo. We broke those average group sizes into two graphs, one for 5 shot and another for 10 shot groups so that you can easily compare all of the ammo’s to each other. The final graph is all of the groups for each ammo averaged together (5 and 10 shot groups both) and gives a good picture for the ‘total’ accuracy of each round.




Federal Gold Medal Match 77gr had the best 5 shot group average by a large margin, over .2 MOA smaller than the next closest Ammo. When it came to 10 round groups, Black Hills 69gr had the smallest group average by a large margin as well. It was interesting to see that the winners of the opposite category were rather average in the opposite category (FGMM 77gr had the 4th smallest 10 round group average and BH 69gr had the 7th smallest 5 round group average).

The best group of all of the testing was a .701 MOA group fired with Federal Gold Medal Match 77gr. It should be noted that there was only one 5 shot group over 1 MOA fired with FGMM 77gr. The only other ammo’s to fire multiple Sub-MOA groups were CBC 77gr (3) and PPU 69gr (2). The only ammo that did NOT fire a sub MOA group was PPU 75gr. The only Sub-MOA 10 shot group was fired with Black Hills 69gr ammo

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