We have work to do.

We are one weekend out from our 16 inch precision semi lightweight barrel shoot out.  The barrels are in.  The ammo is coming in by the day and we have a pile.  This website up as well as other social media that needs to be in place such as our youtube channel and instagram for the pretty pictures and stuff.

What are we doing now?  Our East Iowa laboratory is drafting away on targets that work well for what we are testing.  We will be sharing those and hope you shoot up a couple and send a picture in so we can add them into what ever data we find.  Those same targets will be used for our traveling upper and we will have a trickle of data coming in for the foreseeable future.  He is set to bump data off of his magnetospeed and labradar chronographs.  This is huge.  They are both amazing tools and we want to use the Lab Radar for our first test to ensure nothing is touching the barrel.  I’m told we will have a video showing those two chronographs off.

On the West Iowa proving grounds I have received the lead sled we will be using for our test and have been dry firing on it in all kinds of angles and position to ensure it can do what we are asking of it.  On Sunday the sled will get a run down of a few hundred rounds to ensure it is going to be able to give us the repeat-ability we need.  At the same time we will do a video check on what angles work best for our go pro’s over the course of the test.

If you are reading this you have work to do too.  We want to get the test out there to the world and we need you to help out.  Send it to anyone who shoots and tell them to forward it on as well.

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