Price vs Accuracy – Finding the best value in your ammo choices.

Now that we have established a baseline for all of the ammo tested, we can look at which ammo’s give us the best bang for the buck. While everyone would love to have a consistent sub-MOA performer (like Federal Gold Medal Match 77gr did in our testing) the $1.15-1.20 price per round scares a lot of people off, especially with some of the ammo’s we tested being available for under $.50 a round.

As we have done with all of our previous data, we wanted to present this as visually as possible, so here are graphs of each rounds averaged performance (in MOA) with all of the data (5 and 10 round groups averaged together) and seperately as both 10 and 5 round groups. The bottom of the graph features the price point of each round in US Dollars based off of actual retail price. All of the ammo’s we tested, except for ASYM 77gr, is sold by SG Ammo and I find them to be a good consistent source for quality ammunition and reasonable prices. All per round prices were based off the largest quantity available, either 200 or 1000 rounds for most.

price-to-accuracy-5-shot price-to-accuracy-10-shot price-to-accuracy-all-data

As you can see from the data, generally speaking the more expensive ammo shot better groups. However while going from a $1.15 FGMM 69gr round to the $.48 PPU 69gr round only resulted in a ‘loss’ of around .15MOA accuracy (based off 5 shot groups) which leads many to ask ‘Is that extra .15 MOA really worth twice the cost?’. The IMI and CBC 77gr appear to be the best compromise between accuracy and value, they shot some of the best groups (second and third to FGMM 77gr) but cost almost half of what the FGMM retails for.

Now that we have analyzed the data with a Group Average vs Price Per Round, I would like to introduce a new metric to help decide Accuracy vs Price. I made a table with the price per round (in US Dollars) and the averaged velocity for all of the different rounds groups sizes (in MOA). I then multiplied the price by the averaged group size to get a value. I am going to call this value the ‘Price For Performance’. The lower this value is, the better performance you are getting for the price. This PFP metric places more emphasis on the price per round (seeing as we had rounds from $.48 to $1.15 in our testing), especially when most of the ammo’s are shooting similar group sizes.

Looking at the 5 Shot data below, you can see the PPU 75gr had the largest groups by far with a 2.350333 MOA average but the lowest price at $.48 a round. This gave it a ‘Price For Performance’ value of 1.12816. Now if we look at PMC 77gr, it had a smaller group average with 1.531833 MOA but a significantly higher price of $.79 a round, giving a PFP of 1.210148, slightly higher than PPU 75gr. Now I am going to use some data from my own testing of Federal XM193 55gr FMJ (not match grade, but cheaper) it has a per round price of $.38 (on SG Ammo) and I averaged 2.68 MOA group with it. This gives the XM193 a PFP value of 1.0184, lower than either PPU 75gr or PMC 77gr but no where close to the values of our best performing ammo based on this metric (CBC and IMI 77gr, PPU and Aussie 69gr).

By this Metric the following were the ‘winners’ based off this data:

ALL DATA – PPU 69gr with a 0.847947, Australian Outback a close second

10 SHOT – PPU 75gr with a 1.07264

5 SHOT – PPU 69gr with a 0.67592, Australian Outback, IMI 77gr and CBC 77gr in hot pursuit.

The ‘worst’ performers?

Federal Gold Medal Match 69gr, with its high price and marginal increases in accuracy.

Please note, all of this data is based off low round counts, through 3 different barrels and two different shooters. Please consider this when making decisions based off of this data. I look forward to using this metric more in the future as we get more data and post it to help develop more of a ‘full picture’ of which ammo’s consistently out perform their price and which under deliver for their price.

I look forward to hearing your results and thoughts on this metric to decide which ammo will give you the best ‘bang for the buck’!

Price For Performance Data

Ammo Price Per round ALL MOA 10 SHOT 5 SHOT
IMI 77gr  $       0.70 SGAmmo 1.508444 1.055911 2.104333 1.473033 1.2105 0.84735
CBC 77gr  $       0.65 SGAmmo 1.544444 1.003889 2.176333 1.414617 1.2285 0.798525
FGMM 77gr  $       1.15 SGAmmo 1.320444 1.518511 1.987 2.28505 0.987167 1.135242
ASYM 77gr  $       0.90 ASYM 1.579889 1.4219 2.211 1.9899 1.264333 1.1379
PMC 77gr  $       0.79 SGAmmo 1.574 1.24346 1.658333 1.310083 1.531833 1.210148
PPU 75gr  $       0.48 SGAmmo 2.311778 1.109653 2.234667 1.07264 2.350333 1.12816
FGMM 69gr  $       1.15 SGAmmo 1.437111 1.652678 1.810667 2.082267 1.250333 1.437883
BH 69gr  $       1.00 SGAmmo 1.438667 1.438667 1.434 1.434 1.441 1.441
Aussie 69gr  $       0.55 SGAmmo 1.585889 0.872239 2.092667 1.150967 1.3325 0.732875
PPU 69gr  $       0.48 SGAmmo 1.766556 0.847947 2.483333 1.192 1.408167 0.67592

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