Looking for the right target

Nick and I discussed in length what type of targets, how many targets and the specs of the targets at length. Initially we had decided to use off the shelf targets that we would purchase but didn’t find one that was ideally suited for what we were doing, a side by side, 10 round groups by two shooters barrel shootout.

We put together a list of specifications and things we liked about targets and built our own. We want to make this available to other as well so that they may use these targets for their own tests. Let us know what you think, share your targets and data with us and feel free to give recommendations on what you like in a target.

Click the link below to open a new tab with our target in PDF format. It is made to fit a 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

1/2″ Double Target – Barrel Shootout


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