Delay in science

Im posting up quick to say hey we are alive….  Winter has been long and hard in Iowa and most of the shooting I have been doing has been fast and frozen.  I am hoping to get some good chronograph data and comparison groups using a handful of match grade .22 offerings through a tacsol 16 inch threaded barrel.  Its something I will be doing for myself to figure out if I like the barrel and which match ammo I should stock up on for that particular gun.  It is my sons but I paid for it so I should be allowed to play with it too.


Im working concept of operation up for a test comparing a .22 9mm .223 and 12 gauge for home defense purposes.  There are lots of preconceived notions about the rounds and how they react inside a house.  It turns out when you wire condominiums and are nice to the sheet rock guys they are willing to let you steal large amounts of fire board.  Mostly looking at what kind of criteria and data you would like to see collected.  Send me a message or comment here if you have ideas.  Sadly no access to ballistic gel currently.


The east coast science lab decided to have a baby this spring so he will be unreachable for a week or so until the child is old enough to aid in our science.

Keep shooting


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