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Townie had it about right.  Then again he also claimed “the 30-06 is never a mistake”…so we will give him a solid B+ for effort.  Our light weight shootout was a bit of a stressful cap to the year last fall.  We did a lot of shooting in a day and then got to process some data.  I was out shooting last weekend and talking to Hoover throughout the process about how rusty I was.  I had been shooting throughout the winter but outdoor long range in the cold and windy Iowa grass land is a bitch and a half.

I told him I was going out to shoot my krieger for a bit and he asked if I was gonna share the info on SOTG.  I wanted to but the reality was I was shooting an OCW using 52 grain match burner bergers in a 24 inch barrel going 3500 fps.  It really doesn’t apply to what most folk are getting into.  Dumb pet projects aside I was able to lay behind a gun comfortably and work on putting rounds down range in an precise fashion.  Dry firing on carpet is great and all but you really need to get in and do the dirty to make it all relevant.

Hoover reminded me that we should probably think about getting some holes in paper along with data to share with our hombres who seem to care.  I have been amazed every time I check the site to see people are still coming to take a look.  I especially like seeing it when it is at  So this is the part where I remind folks that Nick is an electrician and a hobbyist.  He isn’t a real scientist or a pro gun slinger.

Without further ado I give you.  Light weight shoot out addendum.

I don’t have a criterion hybrid here and it just doesn’t matter.  I will substitute a krieger 24 inch 7.7 twist SS barrel.  I know what you are thinking.  Yea well Nick thats not exactly light weight stud.  My response is cool beans bro.  I want to see how some random match loads shoot in my personal gun as compared to my handloads.  So in me shooting a handful of loads I get some data for myself and we can present a few more groups with the larue and BA hanson.  I will be using my ADM ambi lower with a bcm grip, geissele national match DMR trigger and xlr ar stock.  I will  also be pulling my vortex razor II 4.5-27 which is the same type of glass we used last go around only its mine and not Hoovers.  I spent 3 minutes looking for my single round follower with no dice so if I find it I will use it otherwise tough luck.

Close enough right….right

Tomorrow I hope to shoot the following.

Two are repeats.  The Australian Outback 69 grain will make a second appearance as well as Black Hills reman 52 grain.  Im shooting them again to make a comparison to the last iteration but also because I like shooting guns and stuff.  The mags are hornady 75 grain steel match.  They were mailed out last test like this and I promised I would shoot them over chrono even if I didn’t get group data what with our rushed timeframe.  I didn’t get to it then.  I will plug three 10 round groups through the larue and the BA with them sorry dudes not putting that in my krieger.  The Norma match is a 77 grain SMK that will be shot through each gun in 5 shot groups.  As will the Black Hills 50 grain V-maxs.  Im going to make a quick run to a local shop in the A.M. hoping to score some Federal 50 grain tipped varmint.  In our initial test we had some pretty intense claims of guys shooting federal 50 grain.  I knew right away I wanted to get some in and see.  I saw a box of the 50 grain V-maxs and wanted to shoot them as well as the federal in hopes I get a cheap varmint round out of one of them.

-Edited to add-

Found Fiocchi 50 grain V-max here at the house and will test them as well.  I may adjust tomorrow based on what I find in stock leaving out the norma match for now and staying with a bunch of small rounds.  Time will tell.


All in all not much to it.  I will log atmo and I will have a lab radar out and set.  Im not sure how polished the data will be but I will try to at least get them processed in on target.

Future predictions.

The fine folks at farros lead farm have an order in for me of 77 grain TMK’s in a load that they sell.  I shot some through Hoovers service rifle and it blew my skirt up so I want to get some for future testing.  I still have several good match 22 rounds I will like to compare between my 10/22 with tac sol threaded barrel and Hoovers super pimp sauce cz 455 elite uber tactical.  Most likely that will wait until my .22 can is out of jail because quiet guns are pretty interesting too.  I am also slowly getting stuff together to do a remake on a very classic and respected test done by the box of truth.  Old Painless was one of my favorite posters on before my untimely yet inevitable crash and burn.  The box of truth is regularly referenced in shotgun propaganda threads.  My hope is to go back and test using the same criteria TBOT used only using viable home defense rounds.  It seems silly to compare 00 buck, birdshot and xm193 in my mind because if you are using xm193 or 115 grain ball rounds through a 9mm for home defense you are dumb.  I personally use gold dot 55 grain and 115 grain for my rifle and pistol for if/when the shit gets sideways.  I hope to test flight control #1 through a 12 gauge as well as a few common AR15 defense loads in a rifle and sbr configuration as well as 9mm rounds through a simple glock.  Of course we will also track some velocities and stuff too.  I will also be dropping random ammo snapshots in the style of Molon turning away from the match loads we have been concentrating on.  On the table right now are the cheap seats.  I have wolf gold, xm193 tula and probably silver bear that will go head to head sometime this month yet.  I had septoplasty and turbinoplasty a few weeks ago and I don’t want to shoot too much in a single session.  I hope to get stuff logged as I do it so nothing gets too backed up.  Wanna see something else?  Ask or shout out.


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