Fiocchi 50 grain VMAX

Sorry for the delay guys.  Grandpa has been in the hospital and this didn’t take priority.  In the future I think Im going to try to limit to one load a day.  Its easy to try to cram a ton into a session.  I shot about 4 hours last week and it is pretty draining trying to get the best groups you can.  I also got a gnarly sun burn on the back of my legs despite the multiple applications of sun screen and when shooting alone walking 100m a whole bunch of times adds up.

Fiocchi 50 grain VMAX is the first round Im gonna ring out just because someone on a gun group on facebook was just asking about them.  I believe this is the cheapest ammo I shot in the 50-53 catagory recently and it really surprised me.

Remember we are shooting a 24 inch krieger 1:7.7 twist and the Ballistic Advantage hanson profile and Larue predatar are both 1:8

Atmo for the day

Start time 1120/ winds 4-10 no value/ temp 74.4/ ele 1470/baro 29.76

Quick Look

The krieger seemed consistently ok with the 50 grain vmax

Group sizes(5 shot)




Click and you can blow up the group.  Note that the aiming point was the same on each of these targets.  That makes it so you can eye ball overlay a 15 shot group and the fliers don’t look as much like fliers.  Any of those three groups could have been dissected into perfection.  The reality hits in when you put all your data out.

Velocity info (in FPS)


group one

3265                Average 3219.23

3218                High 3264.91

3202                Low 3188.58

3223                Ex Spread 76.34

3189               Standard Dev 28.96

group two

3273               Average 3272.51

3263               High 3294.84

3259               Low 3259

3273               Extreme Spread 35.84

3295               Standard Dev 13.91


Group three

3264               Average 3272.51

3276               High 3289.22

3258               Low 3258.3

3275               Ext Spread 30.92

3289              Standard Dev 11.97

Average of the Average

3254.75 FPS running speed was on the low side for the telephone pole barrel but the standard deviations averaging at 18.28 kept things pretty tight.





Again we can quickly eyeball a composite and see that the top right group clearly has a flier or outlier in the group.  The being said the composite still shows a drag out in the over all group both vertically and horizontally.  It would be very easy for someone with an ego to place a dime over the two low shots on the bottom right group calling it a pristine 3 shot group.

Lets pull out the velocity

Group one

2924                      Average 2909.98

2880                      High 2923.99

2903                      Low 2879.52

2920                      Extreme Spread 44.47

2924                      Standard Dev 19.07

Group two

2893                     Average 2912.1

2882                    High 2949.14

2949                    Low 2881.55

2929                    Extreme Spread 67.59

2907                    Standard Dev 27.23

Group three

Again Im missing a shot.  This happens through lab radar failure or me being stupid and forgetting to hit arm on the radar before I shoot a group.  You are getting a lot of data for free so shut up.

2936                  Average 2948.91

2982                 High 2982.32

2918                  Low 2918.2

2959                 Extreme Spread 64.13

Standard Dev 27.88

Average of the Averages

Average velocity was 2923.66 out of this 16 inch barrel.  The standard deviation was a less exciting 24.73.


Ballistic Advantage Hanson




This load in the rifle seemed a pretty consistent 2 moa zone shooter.  Stack them up and you fill a pretty uniform 4 block area each of which is 1 inch on these targets.


Group one

2955                    Average 2916.92

2933                    High 2954.91

2904                   Low 2874.09

2874                   Extreme Spread 80.81

2919                    Standard Dev 30.51

Group two

2930                   Average 2921.62

2898                  High 2932.38

2932                  Low 2897.74

2930                  Extreme Spread 34.64

2919                   Standard Dev 14.35


Group three

2872                  Average 2910.39

2935                  High 2955.7

2877                  Low 2871.96

2912                  Extreme Spread 83.74

2956                 Standard Dev 36.08

Average of Averages

This 16 inch light weight barrel averaged a velocity of 2916.31 with a standard deviation of 26.98.


In the end we found that each of these barrels shot groups that would be considered more than adequate for varmint usage.  The 50 grain Vmax bullet is very well suited for it and even at a 2 moa group it would be more than capable for most small game including coyotes.  At the price you could easily stack it deep and get loads of dope for field use in the future.

In this same shooting session I also fired

Black Hills 52 grain

Black Hills 50 grain vmax

American Eagle varmint and predator 50 grain JHP

Those will be along sooner or later.  Sorry for the lack of fancy graphs and stuff they will be along sooner or later Im just really bad at that stuff.

I took this picture as I left the corn field I was shooting in.  I knew right away it was gonna hurt.

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