Black Hills 50 grain VMAX remanufactured

This 50 grain V-max is loaded by black hills using once fired brass.

Remember we are shooting a 24 inch krieger 1:7.7 twist and the Ballistic Advantage hanson profile and Larue predatar are both 1:8

Atmo for the day

Start time 1120/ winds 4-10 no value/ temp 74.4/ ele 1470/baro 29.76

Quick Look

Krieger Barrel

Extreme Spread group sizes.




The groups vary by a half inch but yet again we can compare each group with the same aiming point and see that the entire 15 round aggregate comes together quite nicely.  I will have to spend the money on the software that lets me quickly do that.

Velocity came out like this

Group one

3442              Average 3447.2

3449             High 3464.05

3439             Low 3438.91

3442             Extreme Spread 25.14

3464            Standard Deviation 10.1

Group two

3476            Average 3467.42

3440            High 3486.12

3486           Low 3440.38

3472            Extreme Spread 45.74

3462            Standard Deviation 17.33

Group three

3433           Average 3453.16

3457          High 3483.21

3440         Low 3432.52

3483         Extreme Spread 50.69

3453          Standard Deviation 19.43

Average of the Averages

Average velocity came to 3455.9 FPS with a standard deviation average of 15.62 FPS


The speed difference between the Fiocchi 50 grain vmax and the Black Hills was substantial.

See Nicks getting better at graphs and stuff





The groups are misleading with the 2.348 top left group.  There is a definite chance for a ‘pulled shot’ or statistical outlier involved but looking at the spread of the two subsequent groups we see a nice round group approximately 1 inch in size.  The top left group can e seen to have 3 shots within that same 1 inch circle with a hard left hit less than 1/4 inch to the left of the group and a hard right hit almost 3/4 of an inch off from the group.  Perhaps Nick should concentrate on his trigger squeeze.


Group one

3110                  Average 3096.89

3070                High 3112.59

3094               Low 3069.63

3099              Extreme Spread 42.96

3113                Standard Deviation 17.08

Group two

3103               Average 3116.02

3113               High 3128.93

3125              Low 3103.24

3110             Extreme Spread 25.7

3129            Standard Deviation 10.79

Group three

3127             Average 3119.49

3125             High 3135.95

3087            Low 3087.23

3122            Extreme Spread 48.72

3136            Standard Deviation 18.76

Average of the averages

Average Velocity was 3110.8 FPS with a standard deviation of 15.54 FPS

Ballistic Advantage Hanson




Yet again Nick has an outlier in the data.


Group one

One shot is missing from chronograph data

3101                 Average 3098.18

3110                 High 3109.69

3104                Low 3078.42

3078               Extreme Spread 31.27

Standard Deviation 13.68

Group two

3113             Average 3089.04

3080           High 3112.88

3085           Low 3079.65

3080           Extreme Spread 33.23

3087           Standard Deviation 13.73

Group three

3111            Average 3109.92

3115            High 3112.57

3087           Low 3087.28

3115            Extreme Spread 35.3

3123           Standard Deviation 13.39

Average of Averages

Average velocity came out to 3099 FPS with a standard deviation of 13.6 FPS

And here is how Black Hills 50 grain VMAX compared to the Fiocchi 50 grain VMAX

Again I found that this round would have been suitable in any of our barrels as a varmint or predator round.  The big step up from the Fiocchi to the Black hills is the velocity.  I may come back and plug in this velocity data into my ballistic calculator to show the changes in round impact due to wind the almost 200 FPS change would mean between one round over another or the change between the Fiocchi in one of the 16 inch guns in comparison to the Black Hills in the Krieger.  The take away is that new shooters must realize that just because two loads use the same projectile they are not necessarily equal.

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