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Ryan mentioned to me yesterday he was getting in some ammo for a different comparison test.  He will be around to spill what he is getting into but I figured I would update on what Im trying to get done.  I won’t get drywall shooting done anytime soon.  Grandpa is in and out of the hospital and it means more time traveling and more chores and maintenance that needs done.  I have an assortment of random 55 grain ammo that I want to shoot in the style of Molon’s snapshots.  Basically speaking run it over the chronograph sharing groups and velocity info.  The values will not all be the same across atmospheric data but will be calmer and more controlled as I can shoot a load in a day or shoot one rifles worth of testing in any given sitting.

Rather than shooting away ammo in three nearly identical barrels, I went ahead and spent more money on two additional barrels.  This brought about another issue that the federal government decided 10.3 inch barrels are short barreled rifles if placed on our testing lower…..this means I need to use a pistol lower instead.  This is of no worry.  We will get great data from the following.

Ballistic Advantage Hanson profile 10.3 inch

Ballistic Advantage Hanson profile 16 inch

Faxon Gunner profile 18 inch. 


So far I have a handful of ammo types I hope to share.  This is by no means an all encompassing list and if you have been paying any attention we change our minds a lot.
If in some cases ammo is somewhat expensive or I happen to be in a big box store and grab a box; I will try my best to get a sample size worth sharing on each barrel but if I only have 50 rounds of an ammo type I would prefer to share groups from the 16 inch only as it is a middle of the road that may help someone rather than sharing less statistically viable numbers.  If you have a request feel free to chime in and I will look for it.  I will add ammo as I find more but am sticking to 55 grain for now.  Most of the stuff on the list is cheap that people can grab anywhere.  This is on purpose in the hopes to share rational group sizes.  As always no groups or shots will be omitted or altered.

Federal XM193 is a type of standard at this weight class.

The AE 55 grain seems to shoot similarly but we will wait on data

Wolf is generally not seen as a contender but the gold line shows promise

There will be several types of Tula and wolf that will be rung out

Silver bear, brown bear and any other bear I happen upon will be tested

MFS is something I have a few cases of and will test in all barrels

Hornady has several rounds in this group and I am interested to see how they compare.

Fiocchi shot well at 50 grain and is moderately priced

IMI had cases of its 55 grain 193 clone on sale (along with 69 and 77 but they will wait)

HSM is an ammo that I have shot before and was impressed with.  I have never used the 55 grain.

I am certain I will fall onto some random match 55 grain types that will be added in.

Layout will be a more simplified and hopeful not as long winded version on what we have been doing.  A master post will be set up with running information but will likely only contain the “best group” as well as average velocity with average standard deviation.

The rest of the 18 inch gunner’s stuff will be in shortly and I may share info on it as I put it together just because.

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