Why does the SLW barrel shoot out matter?

I figure it is kind of self explanatory why we decided to test the things we are testing.  I figured I would offer up a thread on a gun board with a poll to get a feeling for what people thought our groups might end up looking like.  We were told about super sub moa groups with these exact barrels.  The manufacturers make claims that aren’t outrageous and we are excited to see the different ammunition types shoot.


The very first response to my question was

Krieger, Shilen, McGowen . . .

. . . or go home ! ! !

You kids aren’t even in the game.

Well shucks.  I guess we should just pack it all up and go home?  I have owned and shot a bunch of shilen and bartlein barrels.  I have two Kriegers in the safe one in 6.5 creedmoor and another in .223.  They are amazing barrels.  Hell tonight after I got off work I took my murder mutt out with the lead sled to shoot some with my .223 krieger.  I took a selfie because I am basically a 13 year old girl about that kind of stuff.


The thing is I like shooting all kinds of guns and at all kinds of levels.  When I was a young soldier living in Alaska I would go with my good friend Alex to AK shooters and we would buy similar surplus rifles with some ammo and head out to birchwood range to see who could shoot the rifles better.  The fact that neither shot well didn’t make it a boring time.  We have record setting NICS checks at gun shops every month and that means new shooters coming out into our little group each and every day.  Not all of them are going to wait months for the wait time on a Krieger or drop the money on it.  Not many of them would be able to put it to good use.


What we are testing is light weight barrels that are being put into new AR15s on a regular basis.  We are testing out ammo that new shooters or even people expanding into precision shooting can easily get a hold of.  Saying your Krieger gets .25 MOA groups with handloads is great but you aren’t offering anything that allows a common joe the opportunity to step up.

End rant


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