Below are some targets that we designed for our tests. Feel free to use them for your own uses. We love having lots of data and would love to see yours, please feel free to send us any targets you have with your own data. Be sure to put all of the important information in the notes section!

All targets are .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files and made to be printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper/cardstock unless otherwise noted

1/2″ Double Target – Barrel Shootout – This is the target we used for the lightweight barrel shootout, it has a 1/2″ black bullseye and rings going out to 2″ diameter. A 2″ square is located directly above the bullseye to give a clear area to group bullets in and make measurement easier.


MOA All Day – Diamond – This target is designed for the MOA All Day Challenge and is setup to allow you to fire 5-5 round groups on one sheet of paper. The center diamond is 1/2″ and goes out in 1/2″ increments to 2″ square. The diamond makes for easier aiming with a reticle and allows you to stay squared up.